Our Beginning


Started music journey since 2004 after joining in IBM Genesis Project as Linux Server Admin, While server migration from TPF Mainframe to Unix Platforms which was round the clock.
Felt bored while working long hours and due to security restrictions of using internet was not possible to stream online radio or other FM stations. Planned to use shoutcast (which was new at that time) streaming all types of music regardless of categories, since my colleagues are chinese, malay, indonesian and filipino.

Spinned up a shoutcast server to stream into intranet and used to play music internaly. All colleagues used to stream their own playlist from their workstation.

Later it was transformed to an online radio since 21 Sep 2006 with domain named www.nagafm.com

  • Alagappan Karthikeyan

Chiefs from Beginning to Now

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Our Time Line

our path

Created sub domain named fm.karthik.sg domain and started music streaming journey

14 Sep 2006

Registered www.nagafm.com on 27 Feb 2010 and published a trademark web profile

Developed Mobile App in Android and published
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Developed and Published iOS App – Compatible with both Apple Phone and Tablets

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Developed DID and Hooked up with VOIP Server to Stream shoutcast radio in landline telephone. Initially done this for a church to stream their week end Preachings for remote non Smart Phone/Landline listeners and implemented the same technology for Naga FM


US/Canada : 1-234-804-0274
Singapore : +65 3159 1004
Australia : +61 2 8317 1103
England : +44-2080-8929-13
France : +33 9800-9341-5

Created Facebook Page and implement Web Based Facebook Live Streaming (will not work in mobile browsers)


Developed a bot based song request – Still on beta

Join Hands wtih “தேநீர் இடைவேளை” 


தேநீர் இடைவேளை
நாம் வாழும் வரை மனிதம் மண்ணில் மறையாது!!





This is Abdul Ajeez, I am a cinematographer and also a video editor. I am running a YouTube channel named as “Manadhin Kural” – which reflects the story of those who are not able to tell the story out.
Share your interesting unforgettable story with us. We welcome your feedback. Please visit my channel on “Manadhin Kural”